In most of North America, the month of November often means cold temperatures, rain and even snow. However, in Belize, the month of November usually offers balmy temperatures and sun. The early part of November might still have some rain, but the rest of the month is generally dry. The biggest late-season crowds tend to come to Belize around Christmas and into the New Year, so November is an ideal time to visit in order to catch great weather and fewer crowds.

November is full of interesting celebrations and events in Belize. One such celebration is Garifuna Settlement Day, which occurs on November 19th. This day celebrates the history and culture of the Garifuna people who settled in Belize over two centuries ago. They are descended from both African slaves and natives of the Caribbean. The celebration includes parades, dancing in the streets, traditional drum performances and delicious Garifuna foods like a coconut fish stew called hudut.

Another festival occurring earlier in November is the Battle of the Drums Festival. This takes place in Punta Gorda, which is a town in the Toledo District in southern Belize. This festival goes from evening to early morning and features drumming, dancing and plenty of food.

The weather in Belize in November is generally pleasant. Temperatures usually reach the mid-80s Fahrenheit during the day and go down to the mid-70s at night. Early November may see rainy weather and storms; however, Belize does not have a big risk from hurricanes as many storms are deflected by the large Yucatan peninsula to the north and Honduras in the south.

Adventure trips to take in Belize during November include trips to the offshore islands and cayes, snorkeling around Glover’s Reef Atoll, exploring Maya ruins and caves and scuba diving in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Activities such as bird watching, hiking and cave tubing remain popular in November as well. One of the most popular cave trips in Belize is to the Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave, which is often called the ATM Cave. The best time to visit this cave is between September and June. From late June through August, the river waters often get too high and the cave is closed.

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