You’ve decided to visit Belize this year, and that’s a decision you’ll always be glad you made. Here’s a handy list of the top 10 items that will make your Belize vacation perfect.

Swimsuits and beach gear. Our sparkling clean, white sand beaches are too good to pass up. Bring more than one! You’ll need extra bathing suits for scuba diving, snorkeling and visiting the offshore islands and cayes.

Insect repellent. Belize is surrounded by lush, tropical jungle and many of your adventures will take place deep in the woods. If you don’t want your vacation ruined by countless bug and mosquito bites, bring a repellent.

Cameras. Bring a camera to capture every moment and every unforgettable sight.

Passport and a photocopy. Before you enter the country, make a photocopy of your passport and keep the copy in a separate piece of luggage. If anything happens to your passport, having a copy of it makes things much easier. This is a good idea anytime you travel.

Good-quality rain jacket. If you’re visiting Belize in the “green season,” meaning June through November, you might hit unexpected downpours. Carry a good, protective water-resistant jacket to get you through them.

Credit cards and cash. You can use U.S. dollars in most places in Belize. Keep a few dollars in Belize dollars for more rural areas where people prefer to use them. Credit cards are acceptable at most hotel, resort and tour companies.

Sun hats. You may not be used to a warm, intense sun that beams down on you all day. You can wear baseball hats, but they are not that protective. A proper, wide-brimmed sun hat is a smart choice for both men and women. It looks jaunty, too!

Shoes for your adventures. Although you’re probably packing all your flip-flops, don’t forget to pack shoes for all your Belize excursions. You will need rubber-soled river shoes for cave tubing, snorkeling and other aquatic adventures. You’ll need your hiking boots if you want to climb Maya ruins, explore caves, hike or go zip-lining.

Driver’s license to rent a car from TourBelize Auto Rental. Driving your own roomy, comfortable SUV is the best way to tour all of Belize. You can easily carry all your luggage and your expedition gear.

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