Although Belize is a small country (about the same size as the American state of Vermont), it offers travelers incredibly beautiful scenery across its length and breadth.

Home to mountains, waterfalls, scenic valleys, verdant hills, savannah, wetlands, pristine rainforests, thick jungle, and broadleaf forests, you’ll never run out of amazing things to see when in Belize.

On your visit to Belize, here are the most scenic road trips to enjoy:

Hummingbird Highway

While you may not spot the dozens of different species of iridescent hummingbirds that live along the route of this paved road that connects Belmopan in central Belize to Dangriga on the coast, you’re definitely guaranteed to see spectacular scenes of nature.

The Hummingbird Highway passes through the Maya Mountains, through citrus orchards, and continues on down to the coast.

Caracol Maya Ruins

The road that leads to Caracol, one of the largest ancient Maya cities ever discovered, starts at San Ignacio and then continues along the border of the trackless wilderness of the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. But the true beauty begins once you pass the village of Augustine near the Guatemala border.

Sarteneja to Progresso Lagoon

Far off the beaten track, quite literally (the road is unpaved), this road from Orange Walk Town to Progresso Lagoon passes through tiny villages, Mennonite farms, and lots of pristine wilderness.

The Road to Chan Chich

Some parts of this route pass through private property, so you’ll need to secure permission ahead of time, but the drive is well worth the effort. This road through the country’s northern Orange Walk District passes through pristine forests containing some of the country’s last stands of mahogany trees.

Gales Point to the Southern Lagoon

Sometimes called the “Coastal Highway,” this misnamed route is actually a bumpy, unpaved stretch of road. But the area connecting Gales Point north of Dangriga to the Southern Lagoon contains unspoiled scenes of beauty as well as a chance to glimpse rare animals such as Jabiru Storks and manatees.

Toledo District

The southernmost district of Belize, Toledo District, is home to many isolated Maya villages. Branching off from the Southern Highway at Punta Gorda, a network of small, unpaved roads pass through spectacularly beautiful forests.

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