Touring Belize by car is getting to be a wildly popular way to see this easily navigable nation that’s approximately the size of Vermont. Choose from a variety of vehicles available from Belize’s hometown resource, Tour Belize Auto Rental, and get all the help you need planning your route from helpful staff eager to make sure your road trip is awesome.

But perhaps you’re worried that there are times of the year that aren’t optimal for taking a driving tour. Don’t be. Plan your trip around the convenience of your vacation schedule because even when short rain showers pop up, they stop so fast, you’ll barely have time to open your umbrella.

Come in January. The cost of a Belize vacation in January could give you pause, but the weather won’t. Temperatures range from 70- to 80-degrees F so you couldn’t be uncomfortable if you tried.

Make it a Valentine’s Day trip and the weather will be wonderful at between 71- and 80-degrees F.

The winds of March may howl in your hometown but in Belize, temperatures are perfect: 74- to 83-degrees F.

April showers bring May flowers but with averages of just 1.7-inches of rain in April and 4-inches in May, you won’t mind temperatures that range from 79- to 87-degrees F.

June and July in Belize may feel downright cool if you live in a state where 95-degrees in summer is the norm. Temperatures range between 79- and 87-degrees F as showers and price breaks cool things down even more.

You won’t feel much difference in August and September where highs of 86-degrees F and lows of 77-degrees F are the norm. This is the tail end of rainy season, but your road trip won’t be hampered one bit. Pull over momentarily while you wait for the sun to pop out.

October may be the rainiest month but that won’t stop you from visiting caves, Mayan ceremonial sites and jungles. Go diving, snorkeling and swim around the Barrier Reef. Temperatures between 75- and 84-degrees are so delightful, you’ll take those showers in stride.

November and December are ideal months for Belize road trips because rains slow down, temperatures are delicious and there are still price breaks available before the annual snowbird invasion takes place in January.

Hitting the road in Belize has never been easier or more convenient, thanks to new roads, assistance from the helpful folks at Tour Belize Auto Rental and Belizeans who are always happy to point travelers in the right direction, just in case they get lost!