Each and every year, tens of thousands of people travel to exotic locations around the world to enjoy spring break. However, there are few destinations that can compete with Belize. This beautiful Central American nation offers abundant sunshine and a wide variety of interesting things for you to do.

For travelers who want nothing more than the chance to sit in the sand and enjoy a nice beverage, the stunning beaches of Belize are sure to be a draw. Though there are plenty of beaches for you to choose from, Ambergris Caye, Placencia Peninsula, and Hopkins Village beaches are always among the most popular with tourists.

Of course, if you and your group are feeling adventurous, there are plenty of activities to enjoy in Belize. Many visitors love taking a trip out into one of Belize’s lush jungles. This not only allows you to explore a landscape unlike any other but also gives you the chance to spot exotic animals such as scarlet macaws, keel-billed toucans, and black howler monkeys.

If, however, you would prefer to spend time in Belize’s beautiful blue waters, then a trip to the Belize Barrier Reef is an absolute must. This stunning attraction is located approximately 1,000 feet offshore and is the second longest of its kind in the entire world. While there, you will be able to go snorkeling or scuba diving and get a close-up look at the most than 500 species of fish that call the area home.

As anyone who has ever visited the region can testify, Belize is a nation that is jam-packed with culture and history. As such, no spring break trip to the area would be complete without a visit to some ancient Maya ruins. These ruins will give your group the chance to marvel at the stunning architecture of the Maya people as well as giving you a glimpse into how they once lived and worshipped.

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