One of the best ways for visitors to enjoy their time in Belize is by renting a vehicle. Instead of relying on overcrowded public buses or expensive shuttle services, having your own rental vehicle gives you the freedom to explore the natural beauty and top sites in Belize like Dangriga, San Ignacio, Placencia, and Belmopan as well as national parks and ancient Maya ruins like Caracol, Xunantich, and Altun Ha.

Any visitor with a valid driver’s license in their home country can rent and operate a vehicle in Belize. Just as in the United States, driving is on the right-hand side of the road, gasoline is sold by the gallon (approximately $5/gallon), and distances are measured in miles.

There are four modern, paved highways in Belize that connect all the major metropolitan areas. The speed limit on the highways is 55 miles an hour, making it easy to get to nearly any destination in the country in three hours or less. Belize also has a large network of smaller roads, many of which are unpaved, which is why Tour Belize Auto rents durable all-wheel drive vehicles that make negotiating smaller roads easy.

There are no traffic lights in Belize, even in the bigger cities. Instead, Belize relies on speed bumps, affectionately known as “sleeping policemen” in and around all inhabited areas. Driving is not recommended at night time due to insufficient lighting in some areas as well as both pedestrians and wildlife that can enter the roadway.

Perhaps the only unique driving custom that visitors should be aware of in Belize is the procedure for making left-hand turns. In Belize, many drivers pull over to the right in order to wait for traffic to clear before executing a left hand turn. Other than that, driving in Belize is generally safe, with regular police road blocks to verify the sobriety and legality of all drivers operating motor vehicles in the country.

Renting your own vehicle is the perfect way to see sites of unforgettable beauty, including misty mountain vistas, lush rainforests teeming with wildlife, majestic waterfalls, and the ghostly remains of ancient Maya cities.

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