About The Company

Since 1993, Tour Belize has been providing visitors with reliable, modern, and safe vehicles. Known for their friendly staff, Tour Belize understands that having a personal rental vehicle is one of the best ways to explore the wonders and beauty of Belize.

Tour Belize is one of the only vehicle rental companies in the country where you get unlimited mileage with every rental. Simply call or email us, and we’ll make sure you get the right car for you. Whether you want to visit Belize City, ancient Maya ruins, the Placencia Peninsula, Hopkins village, San Ignacio, or anywhere else in the country, we have a vehicle for you.

Anyone with a valid driver’s license in their home country can rent a vehicle from Tour Belize. We have a selection of clean, modern vehicles designed to handle every type of terrain in Belize, including Nissan X-Terras and Kia Sorentos. Every vehicle comes with a first aid kit, emergency equipment, and all the latest safety features.

Having your own rental vehicle makes it fun and easy to explore the country at your own pace. Cars drive on the right-hand side, and road signs are in English.

Belize road signs also still use miles to indicate distance, and gas is sold by the gallon, exactly like in the United States. Gasoline prices are usually a little higher than in the US because it is imported, so expect a price around $5/gallon. And while it may be difficult to find gas stations in more rural areas, the good news is that Belize is a relatively small country, so you can easily drive from one side of the country to the other in just a few hours.

Perhaps the greatest hidden benefit of driving in Belize is getting a chance to enjoy all the wonderful scenery. For many visitors, getting there is half the fun. Belize is a wonderland of mountains, savannah, rainforests, jungle, fertile valleys, and spectacular vistas. And because Belize is predominantly a rural country, you’ll never have to worry about traffic congestion.

Belize has five modern highways that connect all of the larger cities and municipal areas together. Some of the smaller side roads remain unpaved, so it’s usually best to rent a four wheel drive vehicle. Towns in Belize do not use traffic lights. Instead, they rely on speed bumps (known as “sleeping policemen”), so be sure to slow down when entering a village or residential area.

Trust Tour Belize for all of your vehicle rental needs, and we hope you enjoy your time in our beautiful country!

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Business Rentals

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Luxury Rentals

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Traveling Rentals

Traveling with comfort is our company’s goal and top priority. We care about your experience anywhere you go.

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