While Belize offers people the chance to canoe, ride an inner tube through caverns, and explore the terrain on horseback, there are some treks that require more than the power of a single horse. If you plan on exploring distant portions of the country, you may soon discover that renting a car is the most cost-efficient way of solving this problem.

If you are worried about problems from renting a vehicle over-relying on a taxi, don’t. As long as you understand what the roads are like in Belize, you will do just fine.

  • While some roads leading out from major settlements or the airport may be in less than ideal condition, they are rarely in a horrible state.
  • If you worry about crashing, traffic is barely an issue beyond major settlements like Belize City, Dangriga, Belmopan, and San Ignacio.
  • Belize is a small country, you can travel end-to-end in 260 miles.
  • Gas can be pricey; regular unleaded can easily be $6 USD or more.
  • Although GPS and digital maps will give you the distance in metric, Belize’s signage, when you can find signage as most streets are rarely marked, is all in English and distances are indicated in miles.
  • Four-Wheel Drive is practically a necessity due to all of the unpaved roads near the best tourist spots.
  • An American driver’s license is perfectly valid to the Belizean government so don’t sweat the rare police checkpoint.
  • While the general speed limit is 55 mph in rural patches and 25 in villages and small cities, make sure to slow down to no more than 15 mph if you anticipate running into the suspension-tolling speed bumps colloquially known as the “sleeping policemen.”
  • Avoid driving at night whenever possible. Only the most urban centers have lit roads at night and many people drive around in the dark with their brights on.

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