Enjoy the freedom to go where you like when you rent a car in Belize. Having your own wheels make it easy and enjoyable to explore all that Belize has to offer.
Below are five reasons why you should rent a car on your Belize vacation.
1. Enjoy the Scenery. 

Belize is filled with breathtaking scenery at every turn. Driving allows you to savor all of this at your own pace. A drive down the Hummingbird Highway is a scenic outing that shouldn’t be rushed. The winding highways that lead to the borders of Guatemala and Mexico are lined with unforgettable sights. A car lets you stop and take pictures, watch wildlife and birds, or just enjoy and unwind on your own schedule.

2. It’s Easy to Drive in Belize

You don’t have to worry about getting used to driving in Belize. You drive on the right. Belize uses miles instead of kilometers, and gas is sold in gallons. All we ask is that you observe the speed limit, which is usually under 55 mph. In bad weather or on unpaved roads, you’ll need to go even slower. Enjoy the slow, easy pace of life that makes Belize special.

3. Go More Places. 

Belize is a small country, but even so, getting from one end of it to the other can take some time. What if you want to see it all? You could make plans to take buses, local airlines, taxis or water taxis. Those fares start to add up, especially if you’re in a group. Take control of your travel costs with your own, convenient transportation.

4. Design Your Own Itinerary.

Belize is packed with things to do. You might want to spend one day hiking, zip-lining or taking a wild river ride. The next day, you might be in the mood to learn more about Belize‘s rich, fascinating history. Maybe you want to pack the kids into the car and go the zoo in the morning and the beach in the afternoon. With a car, you can fit it all in.

5. Tour Belize Auto Rental Makes It a No-Brainer. 

When you rent a car from Tour Belize Auto Rental, you get more than just a comfortable car that’s perfect for your Belize adventures. You get free pickup and drop-off at the airport, bus stops, water taxi marinas and select hotels. You’ll enjoy driving our spacious, rugged SUVs and crossovers.

Make your Belize adventure truly unforgettable with a rental car from Tour Belize Auto Rental.