Often nicknamed “Patriotic Month” due to the many national holidays and festivals, September is one of the best times to visit Belize. Many Belizeans working abroad come home to visit friends and family during September, and the entire month has a very festive air.

September 10

The celebrations kick into high gear on September 10, the national holiday with the extra long name of The Battle of St. George’s Caye Day. In Belize, islands are known as “cayes” (pronounced “keys”) and St. George’s Caye was the original colonial capital. Located just offshore from Belize City, the island was where a scrappy band of English colonialists defeated a Spanish fleet in 1798.

This seminal event is what led to Belize becoming the only British colony in the region, and now every September 10 is a national holiday as Belizeans celebrate their heritage with patriotic music, street dancing, parades, fairs, live music, and marches in every village, town, and city.

September 21

The festivities continue right on through to September 21. On that day in 1981, Belize became a fully independent nation. Every city and town explodes with people, shops, and street lamps bedecked in the national colors (red, white, and blue). Big name acts play live concerts and every small town holds a fair, parade, or festival with plenty of games, arts and crafts, and dancing.

Every Independence Day has its own special theme. In 2018, September 21 will be celebrated with the theme of “Belize Da Fi Wi – Now & Forever, 8867” that both reflects the country’s rich heritage as well as optimism for an even better and brighter future.

A Great Time to Visit

September is also a month to gather with family, enjoy leisurely picnics in one of the country’s many parks, and marvel at the flowering plants that spring up at this time of year. September is also the perfect month for visitors to enjoy uncrowded access to popular sites like ancient Maya cities, animal sanctuaries and rescue centers, bird watching, horseback riding, zip lining through the jungle, and cave tubing (floating down underground rivers on an inner tube).

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