September is a good time to visit Belize. The summer tourists have gone home, the cost of travel has gone down, and it’s time for the celebrations to begin. September 21 is Independence Day, but the festivities start around two weeks earlier, giving you a chance to meet the locals and learn about their culture. Here are a few of the ways to celebrate the national holiday:

1. Independence Day Festivities

The Battle of the Caye Day on September 10 starts the event. People dress up in their native gear, the radio stations play patriotic music, and people gather at the town squares. Some families like to dance in the streets or share picnic lunches. The Independence Day festivities give both tourists and natives a chance to get a taste of the local lifestyle and menu.

2. Live Music
Whether the crowd is large or small, the people of Belize get together to listen to live music that celebrates their culture and the love of their country.

3. Children’s Events
While many of the ceremonies involve all ages, some focus on the children. One of their favorite pastimes is performing in talent shows for parents and other members of the community.

4. Parades
In communities and town, parades stream through streets with bands, marchers, floats, and people dressed in cultural attire. The marchers display the country’s colors – red, white and blue.

5. The Expo
Around 15,000 people show up at the Expo Belize Market Place every year to enjoy a fun-filled festival of music, dancing, shopping and traditional food.

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