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Belize in July

5 Cool Reasons to Visit Belize in July

  Don’t let anybody tell you that a Caribbean vacation during the month of July is a terrible idea because it’s what Belizeans euphemistically call the start of the Green Season. That means impromptu showers literally come and go faster than maxing out a credit card balance if you come to Belize in winter when prices are higher than temperatures. In fact, Phoenix, Arizona averages 106-degrees F in July, Dallas sustains a toasty 93-degrees F and New Orleans thermometers rarely dip below 92-degrees F. What’s the point? Even with sporadic rain showers, if you fly south in July, you can…
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Summer is a great time to visit Belize

Summer in Belize – A Great Time to Visit

Whether you are traveling alone, with some friends, or with your family, there are few better places to spend a summer vacation than Belize. This beautiful nation is utterly packed with interesting things to see and do. The first thing that most people want to do on a summer vacation is to find a nice beach, set up a lounge chair and relax. If that sounds good to you, you'll love Belize. It is home to a wide selection of pristine sandy beaches. Ambergris Caye, Placencia, and Hopkins are home to some of the best beaches you will find anywhere…
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Adventure Road Trip in Belize

Satisfy Your Wanderlust: Tour Belize by Car in June

You would not be the first U.S. tourist to consider a Belize-style road trip, but if you decide on the month of June to visit, you’re going to get more than a taste of the nation: June is Lobsterfest month within the boundaries of this small Caribbean nation, but the festivities associated with this annual celebration are so lavish, they could blow you away. Lobsterfest is more than the nation’s homage to bountiful lobster catches: it’s an excuse to invite northerners to come down for fun and savings because June also kicks off low season so if you’re a big…
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Belize chocolate festival

Do Not Miss The 2019 Belize Chocolate Festival  

Indulge your dark side, your bittersweet side and your milk chocolate side at the Belize Chocolate Festival. If you love food, history and fun, you don't want to miss this three-day party. Did you know that Belize is famous for its cacao? Most people think of coconuts, hot sauce, spices and rum when they think of Belize's best-known agricultural products. Belize has been making quality, handcrafted chocolate products ever since the ancient Maya tended their first cacao crops here. Explore a Proud Heritage Belize-grown cacao has long been prized by chocolate aficionados all over the world. Chocolate makers from Belize…
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Belize Zoo

Visit the Belize Zoo by Car

The Belize Zoo is not what you might think of when you hear the word "zoo." You won't see sad, trapped animals in cages here. Instead, you will see a 29-acre jungle sanctuary that is home to over 150 rehabilitated, orphaned and rescued animals who can't survive in the wild for various reasons. They've found a safe home here, and you can see them all. The tapir, Belize's national animal and the keel-billed toucan, the country's national bird can both be seen enjoying a safe haven at the zoo. You can learn more about them at the education center. Unique, Friendly…
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Belize National Agriculture & Trade Show

The Belize National Agriculture & Trade Show: Where Mother Nature Meets Tomorrow

While April showers bring May flowers, a more exciting event is happening under roof from April 26th thru April 28th when Belize’s 2019 National Agriculture and Trade Show (NATS) is held to showcase the nation’s bounty. It’s the biggest, most eagerly anticipated event of the spring; a pairing of education and entertainment that grows more exciting with each passing year. For three action-packed days, NATS attracts residents and visitors curious to see what’s on this year’s menu of exhibits and activities. Planners never disappoint and agriculture rules when this homage to economy and food security takes place. If previous years…
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Reasons to Consider A Belize Adventure Travel

Reasons to Consider A Belize Adventure Travel for Your Next Vacation

Belize is a top destination for adventure travelers who want to challenge themselves in a beautiful, unspoiled setting. Here are five great adventures you can only have in Belize. 1. Dive the Blue Hole of Belize  The Belize barrier reef is the second-largest barrier reef in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Within the crystal blue waters of the reef is the Blue Hole, a natural ocean hole that has fascinated explorers for decades. First navigated by undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau, the Blue Hole is a breathtaking adventure for experienced scuba divers. 2. Descend into the Black Hole…
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Mountain Pine Ridge Belize

Things To Discover While Driving Through Mountain Pine Ridge Nature Reserve  

If you are planning on taking a trip to Belize in the not-too-distant future, you simply must add the Mountain Pine Ridge Nature Reserve to your list of places to visit. This stunning park is one of the most naturally beautiful spots in the nation and is filled with unique attractions that you will remember forever. Around 15 miles off of the Western Highway you will find the Rio On Pools. Though the road to these beautiful water features is a little rustic, the scenery that you will pass on your drive is simply stunning. Once you reach your destination, you will soon see…
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Top 10 Things to Bring on Your Belize Vacation

Top 10 Things to Bring on Your Belize Vacation

You've decided to visit Belize this year, and that's a decision you'll always be glad you made. Here's a handy list of the top 10 items that will make your Belize vacation perfect. Swimsuits and beach gear. Our sparkling clean, white sand beaches are too good to pass up. Bring more than one! You'll need extra bathing suits for scuba diving, snorkeling and visiting the offshore islands and cayes. Insect repellent. Belize is surrounded by lush, tropical jungle and many of your adventures will take place deep in the woods. If you don't want your vacation ruined by countless bug and mosquito…
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