While some English speakers refer to “hiring” a car and others refer to “renting” a car, Tour Belize Auto Rental makes it super simple and affordable for visitors to get their own luxury vehicle during their stay in the country.

Whether your plan is to head to the beautiful beaches of Placencia, enjoy a scenic drive along the Hummingbird Highway, or explore the ruins of ancient Maya metropolises, having your own vehicle allows you to relax and enjoy your vacation at your own pace.

Tour Belize Auto Rentals has two convenient locations in the country, one right at the international terminal of the Philip Goldson Airport and one in downtown Belize City. Tour Belize Auto Rentals also has the largest rental car selection available, all the information you’ll need for your trip, and the best prices around.

Belize is a relatively small country, approximately the same size as the American state of Vermont. But its four major highways make it easy to get to just about anywhere in the country in three hours or less.

Visitors with their own car can easily get to Orange Walk, home to the fabulous Lamanai ruins that include burned-out Spanish churches built on top of ancient palaces. Visitors can also visit Corozal in the north, home to the Santa Rita ruins as well as the Corozal House of Culture.

In the western Cayo District, visitors can explore the labyrinthine depths of the Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave, picnic under a waterfall at the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, or visit the ruins of Cahal Pech, a unique Maya community built for nobles.

Visitors with their own vehicle can also visit Stann Creek District, home to the Garifuna communities of Hopkins Villages and Dangriga Town. Other popular destinations include the Placencia Peninsula and the vast Cockscomb Basin Nature Reserve, home to the world’s only dedicated jaguar conservation program.

With your own car, it’s also easy to get to Toledo District in the south, home to chocolate makers and cacao farmers, pristine rivers perfect for canoeing, and the ancient Maya sites of Lubantuum and Nim Li Punit.

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