The Belize Zoo is not what you might think of when you hear the word “zoo.” You won’t see sad, trapped animals in cages here. Instead, you will see a 29-acre jungle sanctuary that is home to over 150 rehabilitated, orphaned and rescued animals who can’t survive in the wild for various reasons. They’ve found a safe home here, and you can see them all.
The tapir, Belize’s national animal and the¬†keel-billed toucan, the country’s national bird can both be seen enjoying a safe haven at the zoo. You can learn more about them at the education center.
Unique, Friendly Residents and Visitors

In addition to the regular residents here, the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center is regularly visited by local exotic birds and the residents’ wild relatives who live in the nearby jungle. It’s an extraordinary place that’s only 29 miles from Belize City. It’s also the first outdoor sanctuary in Belize that is totally handicap-accessible.

Meet the animals and learn the remarkable story about how they arrived at the zoo. For the most immersive experience, ask for the Director’s VIP Tour, where you can meet the animals personally. There’s Lucky Boy, the jaguar, who was brought here as an emaciated orphan and is now a thriving international ambassador for the zoo.

You’ll also meet Runt the Keel-Billed Toucan, Sparks the baby tapir, Junior Buddy the jaguar and Indy the mountain tapir. Visit the scarlet macaw haven, where rescuers are discovering ways to save this endangered birds.

It’s an unforgettable experience for any animal lover.

Visiting by Car

The Belize Zoo is an easy, 29-mile drive from Belize City along the George Price Highway. This pleasant, paved highway offers many miles of quaint villages, local shops and scenic views. You’ll arrive relaxed and ready to immerse yourself in a unique wildlife experience.

The Belize Zoo is open daily from 8:30AM to 5:00PM. It’s accessible to all visitors and great for all ages.

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