While the North American October is signaled by a change of colors in the leaves and a decrease in temperature, the Octobers enjoyed by Belize are still filled with bright sunny fun. Sure, temperatures still take a hit in Belize, but not by nearly as much of a margin as those further away from the equator. You may wonder what there is to enjoy in Belize during October and this article is just the overload of answers you were always looking to find.


While Halloween is only known to Belize by way of the United States and its notable population of expats, it is not an unwelcome holiday. Most places are perfectly fine with celebrating through costume contests and Halloween parties.

The Weather.

You never need to worry about unpleasantly chilly precipitation in this country; the coldest water here is a nice relaxing soak in the waters of the Caribbean.

Conch Fishing Season.

While conch fishing is closely and strictly enforced, the beginning of October signals the start of the season. All throughout the country, you can find conch as a featured protein in all sorts of dishes, from fritters and sandwiches to ceviche.


While Belize is great for bird watchers in every month, October is when many North American birds, such as egrets, herons and spoonbills. migrate southward for to stay warm.

Cheap Airfare.

October is a “low season,” meaning that most airlines offer discounted flights to the country. Notable ports of call for these flights include Atlanta, Houston and Miami.

Cheap Rooms.

The low season is also a great time to rent seasonal lodgings.

Lots of Space.

Even the most appealing of venues and attractions In Belize is usually far below the normal number of attendees and participants during the month of October. If you have any issues with large crowds, you will be hard pressed to run into an event that might trigger such anxieties; this also means that wait times for most locales are either nonexistent or minimal.

Good News for Sports Fans.

A respectable Belizean establishment will have access to American television, meaning sports fans can cheer and commiserate over their teams’ performance from the same feed as their friends and family at home.

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