You would not be the first U.S. tourist to consider a Belize-style road trip, but if you decide on the month of June to visit, you’re going to get more than a taste of the nation: June is Lobsterfest month within the boundaries of this small Caribbean nation, but the festivities associated with this annual celebration are so lavish, they could blow you away.

Lobsterfest is more than the nation’s homage to bountiful lobster catches: it’s an excuse to invite northerners to come down for fun and savings because June also kicks off low season so if you’re a big lobster eater, you’ll be able to afford this yummy crustacean at every meal. Once you’ve consumed your fill, grab the keys to your rental car and set off to explore the wonders of Belize. The nation is about the size of Vermont so you couldn’t grow weary of driving if you tried.

Because crowds are virtually non-existent in June, you’ll have lots of room to spread out and see attractions without the queues. Swim in the Caribbean. Wander around ancient Mayan ruins with or without a guide. Trek through rainforests to meet and greet wildlife and if you don’t check out sanctuaries that are home to some of the most exotic and endangered species on the planet, you’re going to have regrets.

What to pack for your road trip? Not much. Plenty of North Americans spend a week in Belize wearing lightweight togs that fit into a decent-sized backpack, so you will not only feel as free as a bird with wheels at your disposal to go anywhere you wish, but casual dress is elevated to new heights in Belize!

You won’t meet friendlier, more helpful people than Belizeans whose laid-back attitudes and lifestyles are contagious! Even if you pack your June itinerary with non-stop tours and experiences, you’ll not only feel more relaxed than you have in ages, but you’ll sleep like a baby, too.

A bounty of things to see, do, taste and experience. Weather that’s so comfortable, you don’t need a wardrobe. Exotic foods, awe-inspiring opportunities to dive, snorkel, pilot a kayak or just drive from place to place with a basic itinerary that allows you to be spontaneous. Low resort rates during June offer extra incentive to take a June Belize driving vacation.

But before you tackle your first lobster, you need car keys. Pick them up from Tour Belize Auto Rental where visitors have enjoyed low rates, top-notch service, reliable and safe vehicles since 1993. Your passport to a fabulous June adventure in Belize? A valid driver’s license.

We should warn you that Belize scenery is so captivating, you’re going to stop along the way to snap selfies and when you show up at the bounty of celebrations held during the month of June, you’re wise to snap a photo of your Tour Belize Auto Rental license plate so you know which rental car driven to these fun occasions is yours!