Don’t let anybody tell you that a Caribbean vacation during the month of July is a terrible idea because it’s what Belizeans euphemistically call the start of the Green Season. That means impromptu showers literally come and go faster than maxing out a credit card balance if you come to Belize in winter when prices are higher than temperatures.

In fact, Phoenix, Arizona averages 106-degrees F in July, Dallas sustains a toasty 93-degrees F and New Orleans thermometers rarely dip below 92-degrees F. What’s the point? Even with sporadic rain showers, if you fly south in July, you can cool off in Belize where 89-degrees F is as hot as it gets.

In fact, you can expect to experience some really cool things in July that you won’t enjoy at any other time of the year. For example…

1. Belize in July is inexpensive to the max. Hotels, resorts, attractions, adventures, and sites are so affordable, you can double up on the things you see and do because your dollar stretches so much further in July.

2. The aforementioned temperatures barely touch the surface of Belize’s weather story. Those pop-up showers turn loose God’s air conditioners because they cool things down so quickly. Nights are delicious and average 77-degrees, so guests failing to bring a wrap for evenings are going to have to shop!

3. July festivals, activities, and sites are all open for business and since there are no crowds in July, your desire to visit ancient Maya ruins, sacred caves, scuba dive the barrier reef and go birding will all be accommodated in fairly quick order since guests don’t have to contend with crowds, queues and endless waiting times.

4. The Costa Maya International Festival, staged on Ambergris Caye, is an unforgettable experience and since it’s held just once a year, it’s not to be missed. As one of Belize’s most high-profile cultural affairs, you’re invited to indulge in a week’s worth of revelry between July 20th and 28th that puts other Central American festivals to shame.

5. July is the ideal time to tour Belize by car because rental rates are low, every size and model of vehicle you prefer is available from Tour Belize Auto Rental, and you get to set your own exciting itinerary. The entirety of Belize is only the size of Vermont, thus getting around is fast and easy. Further, there are no confusing kilometers to deal with since Belize directions are measured in miles. Talk about cool! July in Belize is as cool as it gets and where you want to be for all of the the right reasons.