If you are looking for a truly unique vacation destination that provides you with unforgettable experiences, start planning your trip to Belize. Almost one million American tourists visit Belize each year for brief periods when their cruise ship stops at a port-of-call, but far fewer tourists actually spend a lengthy period of time in this country enjoying all that it offers. Because of this, Belize is one of the few Caribbean destinations that can provide you with an unspoiled vacation experience.

Many people who plan a trip to Belize are initially inspired to do so by seeing stunning pictures of pristine, white sand beaches and crystal-clear water. Belize has an almost rectangular shape that features almost 174 miles of coastline and that extends inland for approximately 62 miles. While you understandably may plan to spend a lot of time at the beach in Belize, you may also want to venture out on the water. This area is home to the world’s second-largest barrier reef and is a well-known snorkeling and scuba destination.

You also should venture inland to explore the country’s diverse geographic features. This includes tropical jungles, lowland forests, the Maya Mountains, two rivers, caves and more. Wildlife and vegetation vary dramatically across all sections of the country. In fact, you can find armadillos, jaguars, tropical birds, monkeys and much more in several sanctuaries.

In smaller and larger communities throughout Belize, you will find a diverse range of cultures represented. Local residents are friendly and openly welcome travelers. Because English is the most common language spoken in Belize, a language barrier is not usually a problem. In addition, cuisine, history and more are on display for you to enjoy throughout your trip to Belize. Several famous Mayan temples are also located throughout the country as well as in nearby areas in neighboring countries.

Some tourists plan to take a shuttle to their hotel or resort and to spend their entire vacation in this very small area. They may take one or several tours offered through their hotel to get out and enjoy a few experiences. While this is one way to experience Belize, a better way may be to rent your own vehicle through Tour Belize Auto Rental. When you have a personal mode of transportation available to you, you will have the freedom to visit any location that you desire on your own terms.

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