All international flights land at the Philip Goldson International Airport (three-digit code: BZE) in Ladyville, a small village located nine miles from Belize City. Once in the country, visitors have several options for exploring the rest of the country, including expensive domestic flights, overcrowded but highly affordable buses, taxis, and vehicle rentals.

Tour Belize Auto Rental is the country’s premier company for rental vehicles. Formerly the independent franchisee representative of Thrifty Car Rental, Tour Belize Auto Rental has two convenient locations, one right at the international airport terminal and one in downtown Belize City.

Tour Belize Auto Rental has a full fleet of modern, well-maintained vehicles available for rent, including 4WD SUVs and 2WD pick-up trucks that can easily handle the driving conditions in Belize. Belize has four large, modern highways that criss-cross the country connecting the larger towns and cities, but many of the smaller roads and byways are unpaved. To access some sites in Belize, cars must perform a creek or river crossing which cannot be performed without an all-wheel drive vehicle.

Anyone with a valid driver’s license in their home country can rent and drive a vehicle in Belize. Just like in the United States, cars drive on the right, distances on sign posts are measured in miles, and gasoline is sold by the gallon. Because Belize has only very limited petroleum resources, gasoline averages around 5 $USD per gallon, and there are gas stations located in and around all bigger towns and villages.

Tour Belize Auto Rental rents high-quality vehicles starting at just $65 USD per day. Every vehicle comes with unlimited mileage with every rental. Since 1993, Tour Belize Auto Rental has been helping visitors get the most out of their Belize vacation by having their own vehicle with which to explore the hidden passages and beautiful natural areas that make the country such a popular vacation destination.

Driving in Belize is relatively safe, although there are a few differences from driving in the United States. There are no traffic lights in Belize. Instead, towns and villages rely on large speed bumps, affectionally known by locals as “sleeping policemen.” Rural roads may have insufficient lighting at night, and unpaved roads can be difficult or impossible to navigate during or after strong rains.

Having your own rental vehicle allows you to explore the country on your own itinerary. Instead of being hamstrung by flight schedules, expensive shuttle services, or overcrowded public buses, choose a clean, safe, modern rental vehicle from Tour Belize Auto Rental Ltd.