The annual Hopkins Mango Fest in southern Belize, is a great stop for travelers and locals alike looking for tasty dishes and beautiful coastal views. The free two-day event, dubbed the Mangu Fest, to honor the native Garifuna word for the delicious fruit is being held on June 2-3 in the quiet coastal town.

Hopkins is known for its rich cultural history and the efforts of the Garifuna community in Belize to preserve the culture. The Mango fest showcases Hopkins as a prime destination for anyone looking for a little rest, relaxation, and really good food. The festival features an array of locally made dished infused with fresh local mangoes.

Aside from the many yummy mango-themed dishes, there will also be plenty of other local dishes and delights. Local artisans will also be at the event with works of arts and varying crafts available for sale.

Belize is quickly becoming known as a growing culinary hot-spot, with a blend of spices and culture unique to the region. The Mango Fest is a great reason to take the time exploring the scenic Hopkins coastline with dizzying shades of sea blue, sunny skies, and sandy beaches.

Hopkins is one of the only destinations, not just in Belize but in the world, where the colorful and internationally recognized Garifuna heritage still flourishes. As such, the Mangu Fest will no doubt feature a heavy dose of Garifuna cuisine, music and wholesome family events and activities.

The small village of approximately 2,500 people is home to around 2 dozen restaurants with many other fast food and street vendors selling local foods like panades, tacos, conch fritters, tamales, pastries and other local snacks.

There will also be live entertainment during the fest, featuring world-renowned and internationally acclaimed Paranda music as well as many other genres. Lloyd Augustine, Dunri Yurumein, C-Wills, Bredda David, Griga Boyz, the Turtle Shell Band, Pen Cayetano, Sweet Pain and MohoBob are just some of the talented artists that will provide entertainment during the two-day food and culture fest.

A mango drink competition, a story hour for children, a fishing competition, a greasy pole, seaside yoga sessions, and a family mass are just a few of the activities that are planned for this fantastic festival.

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