Driving is a fun and exciting way to explore Belize at your own pace. If you’re considering renting your own vehicle, here are 10 things you should know about driving in Belize:


If you have a valid driver’s license in your own country, you can rent and drive a vehicle in Belize.

Miles and Gallons

Belize is the only country besides the United States that still hasn’t converted to the metric system. Road signs and mileposts are expressed in miles, and gasoline is sold by the gallon (at around $5 USD/gallon).

Sleeping Policemen

There are not a lot of traffic lights in Belize. Instead, cities and villages rely on speed bumps, known locally as “sleeping policemen.” Always slow down when approaching an inhabited area.

Highways and Byways

Driving in Belize used to be difficult because few roads were paved. Today, four major highways crisscross the country, connecting all of the bigger towns and cities. Some smaller roads and byways, however, remain unpaved, so exercise caution when navigating these roads, especially following a rainstorm.


Don’t be surprised if you’re pulled over at a police checkpoint. But unlike other countries in the region, you will not be pressured to cough up a bribe or fined for a phony offense. As long as your papers are in order, you’ll be on your way within minutes.

Night Driving

It’s generally not a good idea to drive at night in Belize. Beyond the problem of a lack of illumination on many roads, nighttime makes it very hard to see wildlife, bicyclists, potholes, and pedestrians.


In general, driving in Belize is just as safe as in other countries. However, prudent precautions include: locking up valuables out of sight, parking your car in a secure area, and being alert for inebriated drivers on the road.

Left Hand Turns

Outside of cities, some Belizean drivers who want to execute a left-hand turn will, curiously, pull over to the right while simultaneously illuminating their right-hand turn signal while waiting for traffic to clear to make the left-hand turn.


Most Belizeans travel across the country on buses. Always be alert for disembarking passengers to unexpectedly enter the roadway.


To ensure comfortable clearance and navigation of smaller roads, it is recommended that you rent an all-wheel drive vehicle when driving in Belize.

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